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Technical Help


ShaRCS consultants provides expert assistance for Mako and Thresher users in using the compute, storage, and network resources. All users of current (pilot) projects are eligible to utilize this service. Our goal is to provide prompt and accurate responses to enhance and facilitate the use of research computing on ShaRCS resources, to keep your project moving forward, and to guide you in the direction that will most effectively gain results.

Help from ShaRCS Consultants

ShaRCS User Support can provide assistance in a number of areas:

  • Information on ShaRCS clusters, including hardware characteristics, available software, and resource capabilities
  • Guidance on the use of ShaRCS resources, including system environments, software tools, and software libraries
  • Advice on development, porting, debugging, and optimization of applications
  • Evaluation of special requests such as possible research collaborations, or running jobs with resource requirements outside the limits of the normal queue structure

ShaRCS User Support Requests

During the Pilot Project phase, we are accepting help requests to . All requests for assistance should be directed here, and responses will be sent directly to the requester. This very informal process should serve the limited early user community well, and can be expanded with additional support staff to monitor the requests as the user base expands.

Prior to submitting a request, we ask that users review the FAQ and other Web site support material. Late-breaking cluster status and general news about system events is posted there, and real-time support information is reported on system monitors through the Web site at all times.

In order to involve the entire community in the support process, we would like to eventually create a mailing list to receive all help requests. This would allow users to respond to requests that don't require the expertise of HPC consultants, thus freeing their time to focus on unique and specialized cases that the general user base may be less experienced in resolving. A mailing list would allow all users to view the questions and their resolutions, and provide the historic archive as a searchable base of answers to past inquiries.

User News and Information

Information about system downtimes, maintenance periods, upgrades, etc., will be provided through direct email via these announcement lists:

The email address that you registered for ShaRCS access will be subscribed to one or more of the above announcement lists. Please make sure the address is functional and monitored.

Many of these announcements will be posted on the News & Announcements page, but not necessarily all of them. We encourage you to maintain your registration to the email lists using a monitored email address to ensure that you have access to all the latest information being shared with the user community.

ShaRCS Support Hours

Support will be available between 8am and 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, except holidays. You should receive a response (not necessarily a resolution) within four working hours after submission of your request to . If time allows, responses will be faster, but may be slower as the user community grows or as new users initiate their experience.