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The User Section of the ShaRCS Web site provides everything you need to know to productively utilize the ShaRCS resources to conduct research for your project. From getting started to logging in, compiling and porting, to running jobs and debugging, the pages of this section will guide you and provide the answers you need as a user of these compute clusters for UC researchers.

New users may want to browse the Getting Started Guide for an overview of the procedures in place.

The User Guide provides a quick overview to all the documentation of this section, with links to everything you need.

The Logging In page gives details of how to connect to your resource.

Once you are logged in, use the Running Jobs page to find out how to start and schedule jobs.

If you need to build codes to run on ShaRCS, help is available on the Compiling page.

For an overview of the system policies affecting users, read the Policies page.

The FAQ page is a comprehensive collection of relevant information for users, gleaned from throughout the site.